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Beautiful Example of Clay Modeling


The objective of this website is to present the peculiarities, uniqueness and unthought-of possibilities out of usual processes. As of now, the website is purely for social and academic purpose. We do not intend to earn anything out of the information displayed on this website. Maybe, in future, depending on the response of visitors, owner may think of converting it into a commercial website.

How many types of simple to complex structures you may think of a paper. Yes, you are right – We are talking about Origami.

How many types of clay structures have you tried? Do you want to try one? See our collection.

Have you seen the photograph – crocodile playing with the children? Or the friendship of a dog and a cat… Usual?? Okay. Tell me what about friendship of a mouse and a cat…

What about your views on people doing rituals in ‘cremation ghats’ ?

List is enormous. Wherever possible, we will present you the scientific/technical description also behind a particular phenomena, event or incident.


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Disclaimer : We do not relate to any group or organization. Any resemblance with any group, company, institute or organization will  purely be a co-incidence. Presently, this website is only for social and academic purpose and to create awareness about environment, people, society and processes.